Help for Hoarders

At Best Home Care, we understand that providing quality home care consists of so much more than just basic home healthcare. We know that the best personal care assistants, home nurses, and home caregivers understand the importance of good mental health as well as physical health.

One mental health disorder that affects many seniors is hoarding. This condition has gotten much attention lately in the media with TV shows dedicated to helping hoarders. In order to help loved ones better understand this problem, here are important recommendations for families to consider when assisting someone with a hoarding problem. Read More

Music Streaming and its Benefits for Seniors

Music and Homecare Services

At Best Home Care, we pride ourselves on being up to date on all the new and innovative therapies that can assist in elderly care, senior homecare, pediatric homecare and home health care for the disabled. One major form of art therapy that has been growing quite a bit in the last ten years is music therapy.

Home healthcare aides and personal care assistants have been able to incorporate music therapy in their homecare services. While it has proven to aid in reducing anxiety and stress, it can actually provide all those benefits and more for seniors. Music can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from dementia. It helps to reminisce on past experiences and memories and serves as a mood booster. Read More

How to Know if Your Long-Distance Relatives Need Homecare Services

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At Best Home Care, we know that the best part of the holiday season is getting together to see family, especially family that you don’t get to see very often. However, when you get together with your elderly long-distance relatives, there are certain things you should keep an eye out for. As your loved ones get older it can be harder for them to live independently and it’s important to be there for them when help is needed.

Below are some things to look out for that may indicate that your parents or grandparents need a home caregiver, home nurse, or personal care assistant to help them out: Read More

Holiday Activities for Senior Home Care Recipients

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At Best Home Care, we know the importance of finding quality homecare for your loved ones, especially during the cold winter months. However while we specialize in helping those in need find the right personal care assistants, home nurses, and home caregivers, we know that as loved ones and family members, you’d want to be aware of how you can make holiday gatherings and activities safe and fun for the seniors in your life.

We have come up with some fun activities for the holiday season that are great for the elderly whether they have homecare services or not! Here are some of our favorites! Read More

Holiday Gift Guide: Buying for Seniors Who Have Everything!

It is no secret that gift giving can be tricky at times. When it comes to buying for seniors, it can be even more difficult.

The good news is that finding the best gifts for seniors is usually simpler than we may think. Best Home Care specializes in finding quality homecare for children, the disabled, and seniors with expert administrative services. Even though this is what we do every day, we know there is more that goes into enjoying the holidays than just having great personal care assistants, home nurses, and caregivers. Around the holidays, what most seniors (and most people) want is a gift from the heart. Here are some gift ideas they will be sure to appreciate: Read More

Holiday Gift Guide for Seniors: What to Get Dementia Patients

At Best Home Care, our goal is to help those in need find the best home healthcare services. While we specialize in providing quality homecare administrative services, be it homecare for seniors, children, or the disabled, we also want to help family members and friends learn how to make the most of their time with their elderly loved ones. After all, homecare aides, personal care assistants, and home nurses often become like family and there’s nothing better than enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Read More

Holiday Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Grandparents

Best Home Care likes to stay up to date on all new developments in senior homecare. We specialize in finding quality homecare for seniors, homecare for the disabled and pediatric homecare for those in need. But we also know that there are so many other aspects to quality of life aside from home caregivers, personal care assistants and home nurses.

As Black Friday gets closer, it can be tough to think of great gifts to get for seniors and grandparents. Luckily Best Home Care knows of all the latest tech gadgets that will make great gifts for the tech savvy grandparents and seniors. Read More

Give Thanks for Intergenerational Living!

At Best Home Care, we strive to stay up to date on the latest developments in providing the best quality home care possible, whether that is homecare for the elderly, pediatric homecare, or homecare for the disabled. When it comes to home healthcare services, we know that there are new innovative ideas springing up every day.


A new trend in senior home care is proving to be extremely successful! College students in need of housing have been living with the elderly in a retirement home in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to having someone around to help with things like walking the dog, this new living situation has been extremely beneficial for seniors as well as students. Read More

Andre Best Testifies Before Minnesota Senate Committee

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On November 1, 2017, Andre Best of Best Home Care testified before a Senate committee about the shortage of at-home caregivers in the state. In his testimony, Best covered several topics regarding the recent staffing shortages of homecare workers in Minnesota.

Below is an outline of topics covered in Best’s testimony:

Dangers of the State’s Caregiver Shortage

He first covered the dangers this shortage of caregivers causes for those in need of services. When a home caregiver is absent, it is often very difficult to find a replacement. The traditional PCA model requires recipients to call their agency in order to find a replacement, which is not usually found quickly, and results in gaps in care that can be extremely dangerous for those who depend on it. Read More

Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Tips from Best Home Care

November is usually the month we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving and preparing the perfect turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie to share with the family. This month is also Diabetes Awareness Month and a time to be mindful about of the risks and causes of the disease.

At Best Home Care, we focus on helping individuals find the ideal home healthcare plan, whether that be with personal care assistants, home nursing, or senior caregivers. Home caregivers should be trained in prevention and care for type-2 diabetes but it is equally as important to be informed as a family member. Read More