In home supportive Services, At Home CareOn March 21st, the Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a feature in the Business section on Best Home Care and founder Andre Best. The article, authored by Neal St. Anthony, profiled our Twin Cities home care agency and specifically highlighted Best’s continued efforts to fight fraud within Minnesota’s home care industry. St. Anthony wrote a great piece on Best Home Care in February of 2015 and this current article served as a follow up on Best’s progress to improve billing practices for home care agencies.

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Billing fraud within the home care industry is nothing new and it’s something we here at Best Home Care continue to fight everyday. Currently, Minnesota tax payers pay $600 million to home care providers each year however, it’s estimated that overcharging for in home supportive services not delivered to patients costs Minnesota taxpayers tens of millions annually. While there has been progress to help fight this type of fraud, much can still be done.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services recently initiated a procedure that involves random phone calls to ensure a home care provider and their patient are together when they are scheduled to be. While this is a step in the right direction, our home care professionals know there is more that can be done to ensure taxpayers’ money is being used appropriately. We believe that embracing current technology is the most effective way to enforce home care laws and quality standards.

Best Home Care is piloting compliance software for a mobile phone application that will track the amount of hours a personal care assistant works as well as verifying services. Learn more about the software here. To ensure the billed work is being completed as it is filed, the app requires a PCA or caregiver to randomly photograph themselves with their patient and tags their location at the beginning and end of their shift.

As a leading Minneapolis home health care agency, Best Home Care takes pride in providing quality and reputable at home care services for our clients. Contact us to learn how we are working to ensure honest and fair home care practices throughout Minnesota!