It is no secret that gift giving can be tricky at times. When it comes to buying for seniors, it can be even more difficult.


The good news is that finding the best gifts for seniors is usually simpler than we may think. Best Home Care specializes in finding quality homecare for children, the disabled, and seniors with expert administrative services. Even though this is what we do every day, we know there is more that goes into enjoying the holidays than just having great personal care assistants, home nurses, and caregivers. Around the holidays, what most seniors (and most people) want is a gift from the heart. Here are some gift ideas they will be sure to appreciate:


  • Quality Time Together: Whether it is having a holiday party, going out to lunch or even a movie, being together with loved ones is always a great holiday gift. Talk about their favorite Christmases/Hanukkahs/Kwanzaas and share some of yours!
  • Warm Clothes for the Season: It’s no secret that winter (especially in Minnesota) can be flat out brutal. It can be especially tough for seniors though! So finding some warm sweaters, jackets, or even some warm fuzzy socks can be a nice, practical gift they are sure to appreciate.
  • A Homemade Craft: Having the grandchildren paint a picture or decorate a frame for their grandparents is a great gift that is sure to mean a lot. Even painting a flowerpot with handprints of the kids is a simple, yet meaningful gift that is sure to be well received!
  • Homemade Treats: While we are on the subject of homemade, there is no gift quite like homemade cookies, pies, and other desserts. Put them in a nice box and bring them to any holiday gathering to add some warmth and cheer.


At Best Home Care, we know the importance of finding home caregivers that treat your loved one like family. Having the best homecare services possible is the best gift you can give to those in need this time of year. Visit our website for more information on the services we provide in helping find a homecare solution for everyone.

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