At Best Home Care, our goal is to help those in need find the best home healthcare services. While we specialize in providing quality homecare administrative services, be it homecare for seniors, children, or the disabled, we also want to help family members and friends learn how to make the most of their time with their elderly loved ones. After all, homecare aides, personal care assistants, and home nurses often become like family and there’s nothing better than enjoying the holidays with family and friends.


When a loved one is struggling with dementia however, it becomes much harder to enjoy the holidays together. That is why we have come up with some great gift ideas that will be perfect for your loved one who is living dementia or Alzheimer’s. Here are our favorites!


  • Easy jigsaw puzzles: There are specially designed puzzles for those with disabilities or dementia. These can come in many designs, even vintage magazine covers that they may remember from when they were young!
  • Companion animals: No, not an actual live animal, more like a very realistic stuffed animal. These can help ease feelings of loneliness as well as bring some comfort to those with dementia, without the work of caring for an actual pet. Some even make sounds and respond to touch!
  • Therapy dolls: These dolls can bring back good memories from childhood. They can also help alleviate feelings of isolation and depression.
  • Music boxes: There are special MP3 music boxes that resemble an old radio. By lifting and closing the lid the music starts and stops. Music is known to be soothing and can make all the difference for those with dementia.
  • Amazon Echo! (Dot or 2nd Generation): This handy device can answer questions for your loved one if no one else is there to do so. It also can tell time, weather, and play music!


To learn more about how Best Home Care can help you and yours enjoy this holiday season, visit our website for more information on our services!

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