family home caregiver, home care professionalAt Best Home Care, we know that the best part of the holiday season is getting together to see family, especially family that you don’t get to see very often. However, when you get together with your elderly long-distance relatives, there are certain things you should keep an eye out for. As your loved ones get older it can be harder for them to live independently and it’s important to be there for them when help is needed.


Below are some things to look out for that may indicate that your parents or grandparents need a home caregiver, home nurse, or personal care assistant to help them out:


Check for changes in mental function:

  • Are they more forgetful?
  • Have they been losing or misplacing things often?
  • Do they spend most of the day sleeping?
  • Is their diet unhealthy or have they lost a lot of weight?
  • Have they lost interest in their favorite hobbies?
  • Do they experience sudden or extreme mood swings?
  • Do they show signs of confusion or uncertainty when performing familiar tasks?
  • Have they missed any important appointments?


Check for changes in physical function:

  • Do they have trouble standing up from a sitting position?
  • Do they struggle with walking or any other mobility?
  • Have they struggled with balance?
  • Have you noticed any bruising or injuries?
  • Have they stopped caring for their physical appearance or normal grooming habits?
  • Is their home dirty or more cluttered from neglecting household responsibilities?


If you notice one or many of these issues when you visit your aging relatives this year, it could be time to think about finding them home healthcare assistance.


Best Home Care can help you find the ideal elderly homecare for your loved ones; whether that is just some routine visits from a caregiver or 24-hour homecare. With expert administrative services, we’ll help you find the perfect caregivers that will give you peace of mind knowing that your family members are in good hands when you can’t be there to look after them.


Visit our website for more information on the services we offer, or feel free to call us at (651) 330-2550!


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