Senior Home Care, Medical Alert SystemsOne of the largest and fastest growing communities on social media are those over 55 years old. As senior citizens become more accustomed to technology, they are increasingly flocking to social media to get news and stay connected with family and friends. Of these social media platforms, Facebook has seen the most significant rise in senior citizen users over the last two years. According to a Penn State study in 2016, 35% of seniors age 65 and older were on Facebook and that number is expected to continue rising.


For younger personal care assistants and home care professionals, social media presents a unique opportunity to connect with your senior home care patient. Helping them set up and explaining how to use a Facebook account is an easy way to help home care clients stay connected with their family and friends around the world. But before jumping into the world of social media, take time to review these tips and best practices for senior users:


Know Who to Connect with: Be sure that seniors only add those they know personally. Facebook is a great place to find old friends but be sure they are who you think they are before adding them.

Ask Before Sharing: Always ask for permission before sharing friends or family member’s photos or posts.

Don’t Click on Everything: Many posts will use intriguing headlines to get users to click on them, however not every link is what it seems. Make sure you know and trust the source before clicking on any link.

Set Privacy Settings: When setting up a Facebook page, review the privacy settings to ensure only those you want seeing your information can access it.


Social media is an incredible tool for building and maintaining relationships however, it can be confusing and potentially dangerous if not used properly. Here at Best Home Care, we stress the importance of adhering to best practices on all our social media accounts. While you’re setting up a new Facebook account, don’t forget to like Best Home Care’s page. We post great home care resources and tips for starting PCA services every day!

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