At Best Home Care, we know that art is such an important part of self-expression. Many of us realize this at an early age with finger paints and crayons but as we get older, art still has the ability to help us express ourselves and find peace. For instance, maybe you’ve seen those adult coloring books that help to promote mindfulness and reduce stress? Or those group painting classes that allow students to immerse themselves in creating an image while connecting with others.


Art offers the freedom to create and express, and art therapy is an amazing development in improving the quality of life for seniors. Here are some ways it can enhance the lives of senior home care patients:


  • Art in any form can be very beneficial to seniors struggling with dementia or memory loss. Studies show that painting and sculpting can help to challenge the brain as well as cognitive functioning.


  • Art provides a method to communication and expression for those struggling with dementia and may have a hard time expressing their feelings and memories.


  • Art also helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Activities like painting or even writing can have a very calming effect and promote a more relaxed way of life.


At Best Home Care, we strive to always be aware of new activities and therapies that can improve the quality of life of those we serve. We are a home care agency that specializes in senior home care services, pediatric home care services, behavioral home care services, and at home care for those living with disabilities. We make it easy to provide the best care possible based on individual needs, whether that be 24-hour home care, in-home nursing care, or frequent home health care visits.

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