Andre Best Testifies Before Minnesota Senate Committee

home care services, pca on demand app, personal care servicesOn November 1, 2017, Andre Best of Best Home Care testified before a Senate committee about the shortage of at-home caregivers in the state. In his testimony, Best covered several topics regarding the recent staffing shortages of homecare workers in Minnesota.


Below is an outline of topics covered in Best’s testimony:


Dangers of the State’s Caregiver Shortage

He first covered the dangers this shortage of caregivers causes for those in need of services. When a home caregiver is absent, it is often very difficult to find a replacement. The traditional PCA model requires recipients to call their agency in order to find a replacement, which is not usually found quickly, and results in gaps in care that can be extremely dangerous for those who depend on it.


Pay Increases for Caregivers Offer an Incomplete Solution

Best explained that pay increases are not adequate enough incentives to solve these staffing shortages. Many home caregivers are part-time and work around 10-20 hours per week. Raises of a couple dollars per hour will not provide sufficient incentive to retain workers in the industry, so the incentive has to come from elsewhere.


The Promises of Technology

Best positioned technology developments as a possible solution for the shortages in staffing. The PCA On Demand mobile app allows recipients to connect with with caregivers instantly, as well as record their time and attendance. It also gives those in need the opportunity to “self-staff” up to two months in advance. Recipients are also able to establish criteria for their personal caregivers or browse through a list of caregiver profiles.


Individual Affiliations Divide the Labor Pool and Enrollment Delays Hurt Recipients

Best explained that we are underutilizing the existing workforce, because more than 75% of workers are employed part-time. Best suggested a possible solution to the caregiver shortage is to get these individuals working full time. This could be accomplished by removing the barriers preventing workers from working for any agency in the State. Best suggested that after initial enrollment a PCA should be able to work with any recipient in the State. When coupled with the PCA On Demand app, this would give recipients access to all the workers in the State.


Best Home Care specializes in finding quality homecare for seniors, the disabled, and children. By addressing this shortage of personal care assistants before the senate committee, Andre Best hopes to make a difference in providing even better care for those in need of homecare services.


At Best Home Care, we know that having peace of mind that your loved ones are in good hands makes a world of difference and we want to make it easier than ever to find the ideal home caregivers for each individual. For more information on our services or to learn more about the PCA On Demand app, be sure to visit our website, or for any questions feel free to call us at (651) 330-2550, or email us at

Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Tips from Best Home Care

November is usually the month we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving and preparing the perfect turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie to share with the family. This month is also Diabetes Awareness Month and a time to be mindful about of the risks and causes of the disease.


At Best Home Care, we focus on helping individuals find the ideal home healthcare plan, whether that be with personal care assistants, home nursing, or senior caregivers. Home caregivers should be trained in prevention and care for type-2 diabetes but it is equally as important to be informed as a family member.


Below is a list of facts and prevention tips for seniors who have or are at risk for developing diabetes:

  • If your loved one has diabetes be sure they are screened regularly for depression, as it is common with seniors that have diabetes.
  • Speak to doctors regularly and make sure you attend appointments with your loved one so you can address any concerns you have.
  • Speak regularly with caregivers about concerns in diet and exercise as well as making sure medications are being administered.
  • Make sure your loved ones get regular exercise, there are plenty of exercises designed for diabetic seniors that can also be of use for prevention.
  • Know the risks of diabetes in the elderly. They are more likely to experience problems with hearing, vision, bones and joints, and memory.
  • Keep food and exercise journals. Make sure your loved one is eating properly and exercising regularly but also remember to document it. It is easier to keep track of habits and can also help doctors, home nurses and caregivers to make sure they are staying healthy.

For any more questions about finding quality homecare for seniors, the disabled, or children be sure to visit our website to learn about the services we provide at Best Home Care. Also, feel free to contact us at 651-330-2550 or email us at if you have any questions.

How to Talk About Senior Home Care for the First Time

Best Home Care makes it our mission to make finding quality homecare for seniors easier. In addition to finding the ideal home caregivers, personal care assistants, and home nurses for each person’s individual needs; we want to make the process of finding homecare for seniors better by addressing the important issues you should talk about.


Here are a few of the main topics you should be sure to address when talking about senior home care to caregivers and loved ones. Be sure you are in a comfortable and familiar setting where everyone can easily express his or her concerns:


  1. Address Safety Concerns: Is it more difficult for your loved one to get around the house? Speak openly about concerns regarding a safe environment. This includes getting to and from the car in hazardous weather conditions for example. Be sure to listen to their concerns as well.
  2. Talk Openly About Medications: Taking medications can be tough to remember especially if they have to be taken multiple times a day. Being in communication with caregivers about medication needs is very important.
  3. Educate Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Caregivers: Learning more about the home care options for seniors will provide everyone with a better idea of what type of care will be the best fit.
  4. Show Empathy for the Senior in Your Life: Imagine it was you in this situation, how would you want to be spoken to? Be kind and calm to show you care and remember there is no rush to make a decision. It can be very overwhelming to feel pressured to make a big decision right away so be sure to have multiple conversations on the subject.


If talking about senior healthcare is completely new for you and you feel confused about the process, remember that is why we are here! Best Home Care can help with all your questions and concerns. For more information on our services, feel free to call us at 651-330-2550, email us at, or visit our website today!

Halloween Fun for Senior Home Care Patients!

home care tips, personal care assistant adviceHalloween is always a fun time of year with pumpkin carving, trick or treating and dressing up in crazy costumes, but the fun doesn’t have to for those receiving home care. At Best Home Care, we want our personal care assistants, home caregivers, and healthcare aides to be aware of fun ways that everyone can enjoy Halloween regardless of age! There are plenty of ways to have fun safely while receiving home healthcare.


Below are a few fun ideas to keep in mind when celebrating the season with home care patients and loved ones:


  1. Halloween Movie Marathon: This is a must for any scary movie lover during the fall. Break out the old classics from their time and a few newer movies, then pop some popcorn and have a binge-fest!
  2. Pumpkin Decorating: Maybe the senior in your life isn’t one who enjoys a good scare. Try something creative, relaxing, yet fall themed like decorating pumpkins. Carving isn’t necessary if it is too physically difficult, break out some colorful paints and create some wacky and festive decorations.
  3. Halloween Board Games: Everyone enjoys a fun board game, and with classics like Clue or Mystery Mansion it is easy to have a game night with a fun Halloween twist! Senior caregivers can even look up Halloween themed Pictionary or Charades topics for even more game night options.
  4. Have a Fall Food Picnic: Invite family, friends and neighbors out to a park and bring some fall food classics like caramel apples, pumpkin pie, and apple cider to enjoy in the crisp fall weather.
  5. Scary Stories: Nothing says Halloween like telling ghost stories. Light a fire and share some spooky stories together. If you don’t have any of your own, look up some from the Internet and print them off, then trade off reading with friends, family, and home health aides.


For more ideas on how to make the most of your home healthcare experience feel free to call Best Home Care at (651) 330-2550 or email us at If you are interested in seeing all the homecare services we provide be sure to visit our website today!

Caring for Those Living with Tinnitus

At Best Home Care, our focus is finding quality home care for those in need, whether that is homecare for the elderly, pediatric homecare or homecare for those with disabilities. Each individual receiving home care services has unique needs that to be addresses and those suffering from Tinnitus are no different. Tinnitus is a condition that is characterized by a ringing or buzzing sound in one or both ears.


Below are some tips to help home caregivers meet the needs of those living with Tinnitus:


  1. Know the Triggers: Oftentimes, the symptoms of Tinnitus can be made worse by consuming caffeine, alcohol, sodium, and smoking.
  2. Play Music: Listening to soft music or ambient sounds can help distract from the constant ringing. There are plenty of apps for music or soothing sounds to check out that may be beneficial!
  3. Plan Relaxing Activities: Stress can severely aggravate Tinnitus. Incorporating yoga or tai chi into a daily routine can make a big difference as well as just regular exercise like walking.
  4. Ensure Quality Sleep: Fatigue can make symptoms worse and if Tinnitus impacts sleep, it can turn into a vicious cycle. Keep a regular sleep schedule, keep the bedroom dark and cool, use a white noise machine, and keep patients from eating or exercising 2-3 hours before going to sleep.
  5. Find a Support Group: Talking and sharing about experiences with Tinnitus can provide some support as well as give the opportunities to share these tips with others and pick up some new ones!


The home care employees at Best Home Care are here to support the quality of life for those in need receiving 24-hour homecare, home nursing, or personal care assistants. We understand the importance of having peace of mind that a loved one is in good hands. To learn more about our team and services, contact us at 651-330-2550 or email us at

Providing Home Care for Those with HIV/AIDS

It can be overwhelming to think about home healthcare for a loved one with HIV or AIDS. At Best Home Care, we want to help get the conversation started on what important needs have to be met by the home caregivers, home nurses, and home health aides that are taking care of your loved one. Here are some important things to address when meeting with potential home care assistants.


  1. Education: Learning about HIV and AIDS is imperative to providing quality homecare. There are courses given by The American Red Cross, state health departments, and HIV/AIDS service organizations. These courses can help with knowing what to expect and how to care for loved ones.
  2. Comfort Levels: The caregiver should have a comforting presence that your loved one will feel at ease around. Understanding what needs to be done in order to meet comfort levels around the home as well as in the relationship between caregiver and patient is huge in providing great care.
  3. Preventative Care: Caregivers need to be up to date on all immunizations and be extremely cautious about the spread of germs around someone with HIV or AIDS. Be sure they wash their hands regularly and are prepared with rubber gloves and disinfectant and are aware of all precautionary methods to take to avoid the spread of bacteria.
  4. General Healthcare: It is important for both the caregiver and patient to be focused on general health. Eating properly washed and prepared foods that are nutrient rich.


At Best Home Care, we make it our mission to help those in need find their ideal home healthcare services; whether that means home care for the elderly, pediatric homecare or homecare services for the disabled. For more advice on homecare for those with HIV/AIDS or information on our services, call us at 651-330-2550, or email us at If you are interested in how we can help you or your loved ones, visit our website.

Benefits of Yoga for Senior Citizens

At Best Home Care, we believe in helping others to find their best quality homecare through personal care assistants, home nursing, and home caregivers. But we know that there is so much more that goes into improving the quality of life of those in home healthcare. That is why we make it our mission to stay up to date on all new treatments and activities that can improve life for seniors, children, and the disabled.


This week, we have found some amazing benefits of yoga for seniors. Yoga classes for seniors are available at many yoga studios and community centers and there are even some simple videos online that can be done at home with a homecare assistant.


Here are some of the amazing benefits to consider:


  • Yoga can reduce tension and swelling in joints as well as decrease pain and discomfort caused by Arthritis.
  • It can help improve sleep quality.
  • Regular yoga can improve blood flow and lower blood pressure by reducing oxidative stress.
  • A huge benefit for seniors, yoga can improve balance, stability, joint mobility and builds strength- which decreases the risk of falling
  • Yoga is a mood booster and can help in relieving anxiety. It is calming and restorative and relaxes the body and mind and encourages mindfulness.
  • Improves flexibility and increases ease of motion through low impact movement that can help reduce aches and pains.
  • Improves respiratory health, as breathing is an essential part to practicing yoga.
  • Helps with managing Type 2 Diabetes by reducing stress levels and stimulating organs that regulate metabolism.


If you or a loved one is interested in adding some yoga into their daily routine, it may be something worth bringing up to a home health care aide. At Best Home Care our goal is helping those in need find their ideal home health care assistance. Visit our website for more information on our services, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on homecare services! Call us at (651) 330-2550 or email us at

Fall Activities for Seniors Receiving Home Care Services

home care tips, personal care assistant adviceFall is a beautiful time of year and we here at Best Home Care want seniors and their families and home caregivers to make the most of it. After all, we don’t solely focus on helping people find quality homecare for seniors, pediatric homecare, and homecare for the disabled; but ensuring good quality of life for those receiving and providing homecare services.


Getting out and enjoying the crisp fall air is a great way to enjoy some time together! Here are some fun ideas on how to enjoy the fall with older loved ones and senior caregivers:


  • Plan a visit to the pumpkin patch! Head out with family or even just one on one with your patient or Pick out some pumpkins to make some pie. Some pumpkin patches even offer hayrides or corn mazes for the kids!
  • Check out a local fall festival! Fall means it’s time for Oktoberfests, which are perfect for sampling different foods, dancing, and enjoying time with those closest to you.
  • Visit an apple orchard! Speaking of food, there is nothing like getting some hot apple cider fresh from the orchard. You can pick apples to bring home and bake into a pie or crisp, or grab a delicious candy apple.
  • Head out to a local football game! Even if you aren’t a die-hard football fan, it can still be fun to sit with all the fans and enjoy the game.
  • Make some homemade fall decorations! There are plenty of opportunities for DIY projects to create some beautiful fall décor. You could even pick up some individual flowers and build your own fall bouquet.


At Best Home Care, we want the golden years to stay golden! That means enjoying and making the most of the time we spend together and we want your elderly homecare experience to help you do just that! For more information on our home health care services in the Twin Cities, visit our website, email us at, or give us a call at (651) 330-2550.

Seasonal Allergies and Seniors- How to Enjoy the Fall Weather

Fall is a beautiful time of year and a great time to enjoy the outdoors! At Best Home Care, we want our home caregivers and their patients to be able to make the most of it. But with the cool crisp air and changing leaves comes a downside – Allergies! Fall can be a time of year where sneezing, runny noses, and itchy watery eyes, as well as colds and sinus infections, start popping up everywhere.


Since we are in the business of helping personal care assistants and at home nurses provide the best quality homecare, we have found some tips for managing allergies in senior homecare:

  • Be conscious of windy days! Pollen is released in the morning and on windy days it is almost unavoidable. It may be a good idea to wear a scarf or mask around your face if you’ll be out early.
  • Check pollen levels along with the weather. If you know you’ll be outside on a certain day, be sure to check how high the pollen levels are so you can prepare and plan around that.
  • Shut windows. Especially on those windy days, irritants can and will blow right through the window.
  • Set up an appointment with your primary doctor. They may be able to recommend some medications or even refer you to an allergist if necessary. It is always best to do this sooner rather than later especially for seniors with cardiovascular disease.
  • Check meds for side effects. Allergy meds tend to come with side effects like dizziness and drowsiness, which means they can increase the risk of a dangerous fall for seniors. Always check side effects to be safe!


At Best Home Care we want our caregivers and home health aides to be aware of all issues that could impact seniors and their home healthcare experience. If you have any questions about finding homecare services for seniors, children, or the disabled contact us today. Call (651) 330-2550, email us at, or stop by our website for more information about us, and our services!

Strengthen Your Bonds this Grandparents Day

home care services, pca services,Best Home Care specializes in helping those in need find quality homecare services with personal care assistants, caregivers, and home nurses. But we know that the quality of life depends on more than just homecare services. Nothing means more for grandparents than spending time with loved ones and keeping in touch with family is important to keep special traditions alive.


Enjoying regular family time can make all the difference in a home healthcare experience. Here are some ways to bond with your grandchildren or grandparents this coming Grandparents Day on September 10th:


  • Plan a visit to someplace fun! Head out to an art museum, zoo, or movie.
  • Share a special hobby! Maybe once a year on Grandparents Day head out to the golf course, have a poker tournament, or go pick out flowers to plant in the garden together.
  • Have a slumber party! Watch some movies and pop some popcorn then enjoy some story time with the grandkids.
  • Take a little trip! Head out for a camping or fishing trip for a weekend. Or even take a day trip to a lake, rent a boat, and bring the tube for the kids!
  • Take a shopping trip! If long distances don’t work and since it is back to school time, start a tradition of going back to school shopping together.


Traditions are so much more than just a way to spend the day. They create bonds and memories for families that will last a lifetime. The more unique you go, the better! Sometimes it is the little things that make the most special memories and traditions.


At Best Home Care, we help take home care to a new level- not just physically caring for patients but understanding mental and emotional needs as well! We help find ideal homecare for seniors, pediatric homecare, as well as care for the disabled.


For more information on our services, visit our website or contact us by email at, or by phone at (651) 330-2550.