With the PCA Choice option, you gain added control, responsibility, and flexibility for your home health services.

According to the National Center on Caregiving, most care in the U.S. is provided by friends or relatives – under PCA Choice, you can continue to rely on the loved ones you know and trust for your continued care.

Your Friends

Many people who need at-home care already know someone who is willing to help or currently helping them. Choosing a friend as your caregiver allows you to continue to work with someone you are comfortable with and lets your friend earn money for his or her service. Contact Best Home Care for guidance, PCA Training and certification, and employment resources.

Your Family

If you need in-home supportive services, there’s a good chance a family member is already assisting you on a regular basis. Like with friends, Best Home Care can help your family members earn income and certification for their PCA services. Even with PCA Choice, however, there are some restrictions – a spouse may not provide official PCA Services, and parents and stepparents may only fill PCA jobs for adult children, not minors. Contact Best Home Care for individualized advice and answers on your unique family situation.

Your Agency

If you do not have someone you already know in mind as a personal care assistant, you may choose the Traditional PCA Option (PCPO). With this route, a PCA Agency like Best Home Care will handle the full process for you, from financial management and PCA training to setting you up with a qualified, compatible home attendant.

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