The Minnesota Leadership Council on Aging reports that each year in Minnesota alone, 600,000 caregivers leave over $7 billion on the table as they provide home care for elderly parents or disabled family members. At Best Home Care, we understand the financial burdens that caring for a family member can create. This is why we make it a point to provide information on different types of compensation for family caregivers. Explore these options below and discover how to get paid for taking care of a family member.

Hear Andre Best Explain How to Get Paid for Taking Care of a Family Member:



Provides low-income individuals with the freedom to choose their own home attendant including the option to hire relatives or friends as their personal care assistant.

The program is available in 48 states (although it may be called by a different name) and eligibility requirements and rules vary. Refer to the National Resource Center for Participant-Directed Services to learn about your state’s specific requirements.



Under either of the PCA service options offered by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the PCA Choice option or the Traditional PCA option, individuals may select a caregiver, such as family and friends, to work for them through a PCA agency like Best Home Care. In order to receive compensation, home caregivers must first qualify to work as a personal care assistant in the state of Minnesota. Under this home health care program, parents are not permitted to provide home care for their under-aged children, nor are spouses permitted to act as caregivers for each other.



The Veterans Administration provides monthly payments, reimbursement for travel expenses, and health insurance for family members providing in home care for disabled veterans who incurred injuries during their service after September 11, 2001. $1600 is the average monthly stipend that individuals get paid to take care of a disabled family member. The VA also pays for PCAs and home health care for disabled veterans.



Depending on your specific situation, you may receive direct payments from Medicaid or from the state as a family caregiver. As a PCA, you may receive payment directly from the state after submitting some forms, or you can be paid by a qualified home care agency. In Minnesota, personal care assistants receive payment from a home care agency after their relative or friend has been approved for PCA services. To learn more about getting paid to take care of a family member, contact Best Home Care directly at (651) 330-2550,, or through our online contact form.


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