How do I pay for PCA services?

There are a number of resources available to assist you in paying for PCA Services and home health care costs. In most cases, PCA Services are a covered benefit for individuals on Medical Assistance or MinnesotaCare. Individuals who do not qualify for Medical Assistance may still qualify for PCA Services under the Alternative Care program.


What is Medical Assistance?

Medical Assistance (MA) is a state health care program which provides necessary medical services for disabled and elderly (65 or older) Minnesotans who have limited income and assets. Learn more about Medical Assistance Here!


Am I eligible for Medical Assistance?

You must meet certain income and asset guidelines. These guidelines change July 1 of each year based on changes in the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Contact your local county social services staff for further information. For specific guidelines, go to Eligibility Policy Manual on the Department of Human Services website.


What is the Alternative Care program?

People that do not for Medicaid may still receive PCA services under the Alternative Care Program. The Alternative Care Program is for people 65 or older qualify who need nursing home level of care. This program has higher income and asset limitations than Medicaid. Learn more about the Alternative Care program Here!


What if I have too much income or assets?

Individuals that have too much income may still qualify for services if they pay a “spend down” (similar to an insurance deductible). Also, there are a number of assets that do not count toward determining whether you are eligible to receive medical assistance, such as your home, improvements to your home, vehicle, burial expenses, etc.

NOTE: Individuals with significant assets may still qualify for medical assistance through the use of “medical assistance planning.” Typically, attorneys assist with “medical assistance planning.”


Get help applying for Medical Assistance?

You can receive assistance completing the MA application and finding the appropriate home care resources with the knowledgeable staff at Best Home Care. Additionally, you can get application assistance from one of the MNCAA Sites listed here.


Medical Assistance planning

Volunteers of America provides various services to seniors at no charge or on a sliding fee scale including medical assistance planning.


Apply for Medical Assistance

Fill out a Minnesota Health Care Programs application then mail or bring it to your county human services office. Alternatively, you can contact your county human services office and a representative will help you complete the application.