Home Care’s Benefits for Children with Cystic Fibrosis

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Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a genetically transmitted disease that affects the glands in the body that create mucous, making this normally water-like substance thin and sticky. Unable to flow freely, mucous becomes lodged in airways and ducts throughout the body. These blockages affect different organs in different ways causing symptoms to vary from patient to patient. The lungs, pancreas, and sweat glands are three of the major organs most commonly affected by CF. Currently there is no cure for the disease, however treatments have greatly extended the life expectancy of people living with CF.


The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation states that about 30,000 people in United States live with CF. Each year; there are approximately 1,000 new diagnoses of CF; many new patients are under the age of ten. Caring for children affected by CF can be a challenging and difficult task, even for the most experienced home caregiver. In most cases, a parent or loved one will act as a family caregiver for their loved one. This can, and often does, lead to financial and time management problems as the family caregiver struggles to maintain other commitments in addition to their new home care duties. As a leading Minneapolis home care agency, Best Home Care helps caregivers in these situations get paid for taking care of a family member.


In home supportive services can greatly help children through the challenges of growing up with up CF. The disease affects each child slightly different so it’s important for personal care assistants to be flexible and clearly understand their symptoms before building a home care plan. In general, a CF home health aid should:
• Ensure the child eats nutritionally, especially during flare-ups
• Assist with therapy practices including: airway clearance techniques and vibration vests
• Help with necessary medical treatments such as antibiotic prescriptions and IV treatments


Cystic fibrosis home care services can greatly improve the quality of life for children living with this debilitating disease. Best Home Care is ready to help family caregivers across Minnesota with support and guidance to provide quality home care for their child living with CF. Contact our team of home care professionals to learn more!