Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Tips from Best Home Care

November is usually the month we are all getting ready for Thanksgiving and preparing the perfect turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie to share with the family. This month is also Diabetes Awareness Month and a time to be mindful about of the risks and causes of the disease.


At Best Home Care, we focus on helping individuals find the ideal home healthcare plan, whether that be with personal care assistants, home nursing, or senior caregivers. Home caregivers should be trained in prevention and care for type-2 diabetes but it is equally as important to be informed as a family member.


Below is a list of facts and prevention tips for seniors who have or are at risk for developing diabetes:

  • If your loved one has diabetes be sure they are screened regularly for depression, as it is common with seniors that have diabetes.
  • Speak to doctors regularly and make sure you attend appointments with your loved one so you can address any concerns you have.
  • Speak regularly with caregivers about concerns in diet and exercise as well as making sure medications are being administered.
  • Make sure your loved ones get regular exercise, there are plenty of exercises designed for diabetic seniors that can also be of use for prevention.
  • Know the risks of diabetes in the elderly. They are more likely to experience problems with hearing, vision, bones and joints, and memory.
  • Keep food and exercise journals. Make sure your loved one is eating properly and exercising regularly but also remember to document it. It is easier to keep track of habits and can also help doctors, home nurses and caregivers to make sure they are staying healthy.

For any more questions about finding quality homecare for seniors, the disabled, or children be sure to visit our website to learn about the services we provide at Best Home Care. Also, feel free to contact us at 651-330-2550 or email us at info@besthomecaremn.com if you have any questions.