How to be a Great Family Caregiver: Getting Started in Family Caregiving

minnesota-homecare-providerA recent study from the Pew Research Center found that two out of every five adults in the U.S. currently provide home care for a sick or elderly relative. The researchers also found that the number of caregivers in the country increased by 10% from 2010 to 2013. Experts believe that this rise in family caregivers is due to more Baby Boomers requiring care and their inability to afford professional home care because of a down economy. As a result, family members have increasingly begun stepping in to act as the first line of defense for their loved one’s health.

It’s a safe bet that at some point in your life you will provide some type of home health care for a family member or friend. It’s also a good bet that you will have no experience as a home caregiver when that time comes. Here are some quick tips and things to keep in mind when getting started as a family caregiver for the first time:

Educate Yourself: Researching what your loved one is suffering from, various treatments, and best home care practices is the easiest way to become a better personal care attendant. There are many caregiving resources available online including the Best Home Care blog!

Pace Yourself: Caregiver burnout is the most common struggle informal caregivers face. Balancing a job and family with home care services can often leave a family caregiver searching for a moment off. Take time to plan out your schedule every week and be sure to leave time for yourself.

Express Yourself: Sharing your experiences and struggles with other caregivers in similar situations is a great way to learn more about and work through the highs and lows of home caregiving. Local caregiver support groups and home care agencies exist to connect caregivers and foster these conversations.

Best Home Care is here to help you take your first steps as a family caregiver. We provide useful home care tips and will find ways for you to get paid for taking care of a family member. Contact us today!