Managing Home Care Services While Away on Spring Break

Ways to Become a More Effective Caregiver - services for independent livingThis is the time of year when Minnesotans flock to warmer weather to enjoy a week in the sun known as spring break. This annual migration of the winter weary is observed by millions but for personal care assistants and family caregivers, getting away for a week can be difficult. Home caregivers often find it difficult to take a vacation because they cannot find a substitute PCA to cover for them while they are away or they are nervous about leaving their loved one. As a result, they miss out on the opportunity to recharge on a much needed vacation with family and friends.


Taking time away from providing PCA services is vitally important for every caregiver as it allows them to recharge and re-focus on providing great home health care. It’s a little known fact that there are caregiving resources and tools to help personal care assistants find substitutes when they’re away. Take a moment to learn more about these options below and how they can help you take time for yourself this spring:


On-Demand PCA Services: The new Homecare Timesheets app includes a unique feature that helps connect home care recipients with qualifies personal care assistants. This tool can be used to find short-term home care solutions when a primary PCA or family caregiver is away.

Home Care Agency: Working with a top home care agency connects an individual with a network of qualified PCAs and caregivers. In the event a primary caregiver is away for a short period of time, contacting a home care agency should be the first step. They will work with you to find a qualified short-time substitute caregiver for the time that the primary caregiver will be away.


The home care professionals at Best Home Care are happy to work with PCAs this spring break to take the vacation they deserve. Please contact us to learn more about how we can help and ensure you have a truly relaxing vacation.

Best Home Care Launches Updated and User-Friendly New Website

logo-03About a year ago, we here at Best Home Care noticed something interesting happening: clients and employees weren’t taking notice of our website as much as they once were. Nearly every person contacting us about home care services would compliment our website, however over time those slowly became few and far between. Even though our website featured great content on home care and valuable resources for caregivers, it seemed that it was losing its shine. We determined it was time for a digital facelift!

Our home care professionals spent many months pouring over the Best Home Care website to determine what we liked and what could be improved. Eventually, we assembled an improved site layout and passed it along to our web designers. After rounds of refinement and revisions, the new Best Home Care website was launched on April 21st!


The overarching goal while creating this new website was to help people quickly find the home health care information they were seeking. In order to accomplish this, we did several things:

• Simplified the main menu to include seven headings instead of the eleven on the previous website
• Reorganized the content on various pages to help visitors find resources conveniently
• Streamlined the homepage to appear much cleaner with clear paths for information
• Applied larger font sizes throughout the website to assist those with vision challenges

Please take a moment to browse the new Best Home Care website and let us know what you think by contacting us directly or sharing on our Facebook page! We take a lot of pride in being a top home care agency in the Twin Cities and are excited to have a website that reflects the level of commitment we have for our home care employees and personal care assistants.
We’d like to thank all our home care professionals for providing input on the new website and the team at Brandography for bringing it to life.

Best Home Care Celebrates a Decade of Providing Home Care Services!

Minneapolis Home Care Agency. Home Care Agency in the Twin CitiesIn 2005, Andre Best set out to pioneer a different kind of home care agency in Minneapolis that emphasized credibility and ethical business practices. A lawyer by trade with no background in home health, Best wanted to provide a safe haven for personal care assistants and home care patients in an industry that had become littered with fraudulent practices. While many things have changed over the last decade, Best has remained true to his company’s name providing the best in quality home care with integrity.

Best Home Care began with $10,000 and no home health clients to speak of. With the support of family and friends and a desire to help people in need, Best (who had never started a small business before) grew his home health company fast. Today, the Minneapolis home care agency employs 330 part- and full-time employees who serve several hundred home care clients around the Twin Cities.

In a world where 80% of new businesses fail within 18 months, how was an upstart home care agency able to find such success? By providing their customers with what they truly want: a trustworthy and ethical service to protect their health and well-being.

In 2014, the state of Minnesota spent $600 million on home care programs and it’s estimated that 10% of this spending was fraudulent charges by owners or personal care attendants over-billing for home care services. This has left many skeptical about whom exactly they put their trust in. But Andre has taken every measure to ensure that his company is the most ethical home care agency in the Twin Cities.

A landmark moment for Best Home Care came with the introduction of the agency’s timesheet app for smartphones. The app provides an easily auditable record of all services billed to the state, and produces a digital record of the care that patients receive which can then be compared to their home care plans. This app holds great potential to end the fraudulent home care practices in Minnesota and throughout the country.

As we head into our next decade of business, we’d like to thank you for trusting us with your home care needs. This is a responsibility that we don’t take lightly and we promise to continue to provide you the highest quality home care services with integrity and honesty.