Holiday Gifts for the Tech-Savvy Grandparents

Best Home Care likes to stay up to date on all new developments in senior homecare. We specialize in finding quality homecare for seniors, homecare for the disabled and pediatric homecare for those in need. But we also know that there are so many other aspects to quality of life aside from home caregivers, personal care assistants and home nurses.

As Black Friday gets closer, it can be tough to think of great gifts to get for seniors and grandparents. Luckily Best Home Care knows of all the latest tech gadgets that will make great gifts for the tech savvy grandparents and seniors.


Here are a few of our favorites:


  • NixPlay’s digital photo frames! With these frames, you can scan your family photos and display all your favorites in a single frame that rotates the images. Great for grandparents that have stacks of photo albums but no way to display them all.
  • iPad mini! These are pretty sweet for even the most technologically challenged individuals. The buttons are large and it is easy to use, plus you can even teach your loved ones how to FaceTime with you!
  • Kindle Fire! If the iPad is a bit of a stretch for the seniors in your life, the Kindle may be just the ticket! It’s still easy to use but much less expensive and still allows for apps like Skype for easy communication.
  • Magicfly Key Finder! Okay so while this one isn’t exactly meant to be fun, it is incredibly useful and not just for seniors. You can attach small locators onto objects like phones, keys, wallets, and more then use the Bluetooth tracker to find them if they go missing!
  • PhoneSoap Smartphone Sanitizer! This charger/phone cleaner is a great way to get rid of germs that get all over phones without damaging them.


Best Home Care is not just the expert on homecare services for seniors; we also have your back this holiday season when it comes to shopping for seniors. For the next few weeks we’ll be providing gift ideas of all types of grandparents, so be sure to check back next week and visit our website for more information on our services!

Give Thanks for Intergenerational Living!

At Best Home Care, we strive to stay up to date on the latest developments in providing the best quality home care possible, whether that is homecare for the elderly, pediatric homecare, or homecare for the disabled. When it comes to home healthcare services, we know that there are new innovative ideas springing up every day.


A new trend in senior home care is proving to be extremely successful! College students in need of housing have been living with the elderly in a retirement home in Cleveland, Ohio. In addition to having someone around to help with things like walking the dog, this new living situation has been extremely beneficial for seniors as well as students.


While students that qualify for financial assistance are able to have free housing in the midst of rising tuition costs, the situation is extremely helpful for seniors too! Here are a few of the ways:

  • Assists in fighting dementia
  • Regulating blood pressure
  • Better social well-being
  • Less chance of mental and physical disorders.


This idea came from a nursing home in the Netherlands that began allowing students to live there rent-free. Students participate in activities with the elderly residents, like watching television, having parties, and providing daily company. Social isolation is a growing problem with many seniors and having the students around helps to bring more energy and warmth into their lives.


These ideas are good to keep in mind when looking for homecare services might be something to consider when finding the right personal care assistant, home nurse, or home caregiver. Finding someone with positive energy and a cheerful disposition is important in assuring that your loved one is receiving the best homecare possible. That is our goal at Best Home Care.


If you have any questions be sure to call us at (651) 330-2550, email us at, or check out our website for more information on our services!

Healthy Summer Cooking for Senior Home Care Patients

Options for Senior CareEveryone loves a barbecue! It is one of the best parts of the summer months, and enjoying summer cookouts is something everyone can be a part of. However, seniors receiving home care services and their PCAs can find it tricky to balance eating healthy and eating deliciously. Especially for those dealing with a chronic disease, finding the right foods to eat and what to avoid can have a significant impact on their health.


At Best Home Care, we want to make health and happiness coincide as easily as possible. So we have found several spices that can help reduce inflammation.


This summer, personal care assistants that are cooking for senior home care patients should try adding:

  • Cloves
  • Ginger
  • Rosemary
  • Turmeric
  • Cinnamon
  • Oregano
  • Sage
  • Thyme
  • Garlic


Inflammation can be a source for a lot of chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer. Some other healthy summer foods to keep close by that help to lessen inflammation are:

  • Fish – (especially salmon) contains healthy omega 3’s as well as anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Dark Leafy Greens -Especially spinach, kale and collard greens.
  • Blueberries – These provide many antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory qualities.
  • Tea – Matcha tea is a type of extremely nutrient rich green tea that supports immune function and heart health.


Throw together a salad with some spinach, kale, and some blueberries as a healthy side dish at your next barbecue or just make a big bowl of it and bring it to your loved one to eat throughout their week.


The home care professionals at Best Home Care know that keeping good health doesn’t have to come at the expense of enjoying the golden years. We’re ready to support you with quality home health care services including home care for seniors, pediatric home care, home care services for those with disabilities, and 24-hour home nursing care. Learn more about the services we provide click here.


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