The Amazing Potential Cloud Services Hold for Homecare

Senior Home Care, Medical Alert SystemsTechnology has no doubt become a huge part of our everyday lives. We all use different apps on our phones throughout our day to check the weather, get traffic reports, and be in contact with others. At Best Home Care, we are always excited about how technology can be further used to improve quality homecare for both the caregiver as well as the recipient.


Cloud technology, in particular, is proving to hold great potential for caregivers to communicate with each other and assist with PCA training and home healthcare.


Here are just some of the ways cloud technology can benefit PCA’s:

  • Recipients can upload information and care instructions onto the cloud. This makes it easier for training regular PCA’s as well as substitute workers who are unfamiliar with the recipient’s needs.
  • Recipients can upload videos on more complex procedures so new caregivers are able to understand exactly what needs to be done in providing care and services.
  • Recipients can develop and upload custom care plans for the recipient with specific notes to ensure high quality as well as consistency in their homecare.
  • Recipients can create and share folders that include care plans, notes regarding their schedules, favorite meals, past-times, etc.
  • Caregivers can communicate and share notes regarding a Recipient’s needs with each other.


Cloud services provide many new opportunities in the home care industry, especially for temporary caregivers, by making it easier home caregivers to receive accurate and current information about the person they are caring for. For example, morning, day and evening caregivers can easily give updates about their shifts, how the recipient was feeling, and what they would recommend for the next visit.


For more information regarding PCA care and training, and how to be sure you or your loved one is getting the best quality homecare services contact Best Home Care today! Best Home Care specializes in helping those in need find quality homecare services. We will guide you through the process of finding a PCA and starting homecare services for seniors, pediatric home care, and homecare and services for the disabled.