The Future is Here: The Homecare Timesheets App to Include On-Demand PCA Services

Tech Trends in Home CareSince the Homecare Timesheets app was introduced to the public over a year ago, we have received great feedback from the Minnesota home care agencies and our employees using it. Many of our personal care assistants and home care recipients use it every day to track, bill, and verify the amount of home care services provided. Last year, the Star Tribune even featured an article on how the app is helping to combat billing fraud within the home care industry. We are pleased with the positive response this app has received over the last year and there are even more enhancements planned for 2017.


In addition to fraud, another major issue in the home care industry is staffing shortages among direct support professionals and personal care assistants. This is often caused when a PCA or home care professional is absent or unable to provide in-home supportive services for a short time. To help address this issue, the app is being updated to include On-Demand PCA Services, and we are proud to offer this technology to our recipients. Similar to ridesharing apps like Uber or Lyft, the updated functionality will allow for users to self-staff when their regularly scheduled PCA is absent. To help find personal care assistants best qualified to help them, home care recipients are able to set criteria for the personal care assistants or get help from any available worker at their home care agency.


The idea of On-Demand PCA Services is relatively new and typically only limited to the private pay model. We are excited to offer this technology those receiving home care services through Medicaid.


The updates to the Homecare Timesheets app will be available in late February 2017.  For more information on this update or the Homecare Timesheets app, visit!