How to Talk About Senior Home Care for the First Time

Best Home Care makes it our mission to make finding quality homecare for seniors easier. In addition to finding the ideal home caregivers, personal care assistants, and home nurses for each person’s individual needs; we want to make the process of finding homecare for seniors better by addressing the important issues you should talk about.


Here are a few of the main topics you should be sure to address when talking about senior home care to caregivers and loved ones. Be sure you are in a comfortable and familiar setting where everyone can easily express his or her concerns:


  1. Address Safety Concerns: Is it more difficult for your loved one to get around the house? Speak openly about concerns regarding a safe environment. This includes getting to and from the car in hazardous weather conditions for example. Be sure to listen to their concerns as well.
  2. Talk Openly About Medications: Taking medications can be tough to remember especially if they have to be taken multiple times a day. Being in communication with caregivers about medication needs is very important.
  3. Educate Yourself, Your Loved Ones, and Caregivers: Learning more about the home care options for seniors will provide everyone with a better idea of what type of care will be the best fit.
  4. Show Empathy for the Senior in Your Life: Imagine it was you in this situation, how would you want to be spoken to? Be kind and calm to show you care and remember there is no rush to make a decision. It can be very overwhelming to feel pressured to make a big decision right away so be sure to have multiple conversations on the subject.


If talking about senior healthcare is completely new for you and you feel confused about the process, remember that is why we are here! Best Home Care can help with all your questions and concerns. For more information on our services, feel free to call us at 651-330-2550, email us at, or visit our website today!

At-Home Safety Tips for Seniors Living Alone

elderly senior being brought meal by carer or nurse

Maintaining our independence becomes more and more important as we grow older. Seniors often have a hard time adjusting to life in a nursing home which is why many choose to stay living in their home as long as possible. Home care professionals and personal care assistants can play a vital role in helping seniors stay in their home as long as possible.

According to the Administration on Aging, 28% of seniors age 65+ that do not live in nursing homes, live alone. In addition, nearly half (46%) of all women age 75+ live alone. While living alone can be a positive factor in maintaining independence as we age, it can also present some serious obstacles and increase the likelihood of suffering a serious or fatal injury. While many older adults have no problem living alone, precautions should be taken to ensure that safety remains a priority.

Here at Best Home Care, our personal care assistants help many seniors continue to live in their home and maintain their independence. Regular visits to provide in-home supportive services can help a senior stay safe and healthy while allowing them to maintain living where they are most comfortable.


Below are some safety and health tips for seniors living alone:

Eating, Health, & Exercise: The best way to stay safe at home is to stay healthy! A healthy diet and regular exercise will help keep the mind sharp and resist sickness. Personal care assistants can help organize a home care plan that focuses on preparing healthy meals and getting daily exercise.

Avoiding Falls: Each year, falling sends 1.6 million older Americans to the emergency room. Install non-slip mats and handrails in all areas of the home that might be slippery (bathroom, entryways, etc.). Also, ensure that all rooms are properly lit and important items in cupboards are on the lower shelves and easy to reach.

Socializing: Seniors living alone are at an elevated risk for depression. Scheduling times to meet with friends or taking part in social activities are great ways for seniors to stay engaged with those in their community.


As a leading Twin Cities home care agency, Best Home Care is proud to help seniors maintain their independence with expert at-home care and PCA services. Our employees strive to provide the best senior home care services in Minneapolis. Contact us to see how we can help you or your loved one continue living in the home where they are most comfortable.

Best Home Care Launches Updated and User-Friendly New Website

logo-03About a year ago, we here at Best Home Care noticed something interesting happening: clients and employees weren’t taking notice of our website as much as they once were. Nearly every person contacting us about home care services would compliment our website, however over time those slowly became few and far between. Even though our website featured great content on home care and valuable resources for caregivers, it seemed that it was losing its shine. We determined it was time for a digital facelift!

Our home care professionals spent many months pouring over the Best Home Care website to determine what we liked and what could be improved. Eventually, we assembled an improved site layout and passed it along to our web designers. After rounds of refinement and revisions, the new Best Home Care website was launched on April 21st!


The overarching goal while creating this new website was to help people quickly find the home health care information they were seeking. In order to accomplish this, we did several things:

• Simplified the main menu to include seven headings instead of the eleven on the previous website
• Reorganized the content on various pages to help visitors find resources conveniently
• Streamlined the homepage to appear much cleaner with clear paths for information
• Applied larger font sizes throughout the website to assist those with vision challenges

Please take a moment to browse the new Best Home Care website and let us know what you think by contacting us directly or sharing on our Facebook page! We take a lot of pride in being a top home care agency in the Twin Cities and are excited to have a website that reflects the level of commitment we have for our home care employees and personal care assistants.
We’d like to thank all our home care professionals for providing input on the new website and the team at Brandography for bringing it to life.