Working Towards Eliminating Minnesota’s Shortage of PCAs and Home Caregivers

In 2015, legislation was passed that entitled home care workers to a minimum wage, overtime pay, pay for travel time between clients, and several other labor benefits. At Best Home Care, our team of home care professionals had access to many of these benefits long before this legislation was passed however, many other Minnesota home care agencies were forced to adjust their practices.


The Minneapolis Star Tribune explains that to adhere to these new regulations, home care agencies began capping their employees’ hours in an effort to avoid paying overtime and other benefits. Personal care assistants had no other choice than to either limit the number of hours they provided home care or provide care for free. This led to a situation where the need for in-home supportive services was growing but access to it was decreasing leading to a shortage of home caregivers in many states.


Best Home Care has worked hard to ensure that our employees are able to provide the necessary amount of care for their patients by not capping their hours and offering overtime pay. We are also working to combat the shortage of caregivers in Minnesota and home care fraud with the Homecare Timesheets App. The app is currently available to all our home care employees and is currently being tested in several home care agencies in the Twin Cities and throughout Minnesota.


Recently, we announced that the app would have a new feature: On-Demand PCA Services. Through the app, users are able to request home care services when their normal PCA or caregiver is unavailable. Likewise, PCAs are able to make themselves available to help fill in these gaps in home care services.


Even though it is still relatively new to the market, we feel that On-Demand PCA Services is a great step towards ending the shortage of caregivers in Minnesota and throughout the country. For more information on the Homecare Timesheets app and to learn how to download the app, please click here.