Who do I call if I have questions about?


Timesheet receipt: Brittany Steen

Timesheet errors: Brittany Steen

Timesheet App and Blank Timesheets: Brittany Steen

PCA On Demand: Brittany Steen


Case manager contact: Amanda Lindner

Hours on a service agreement: Amanda Lindner

Confirming service agreement start date: Amanda Lindner

Spend-down questions: Amanda Lindner

Reassessment: Amanda Lindner

Eligibility changes: Amanda Lindner


Starting new services or transferring: Maureen Butcher

Hiring and terminating employees: Maureen Butcher

Background studies and finger printing: Maureen Butcher

Seeing when a new employee can start: Maureen Butcher

Overtime Agreements: Maureen Butcher

Preventative Health Insurance (MEC): Maureen Butcher


Re-scheduling a home visit: Adam Lindner

Care plan copies and QP records: Adam Lindner


Employee pay or direct deposit: Olivia Lopez

Employment verifications and payroll records: Olivia Lopez


Adam Lindner, QP Coordinator – Main: 651.330.2550 Email: adam@besthomecaremn.com

Amanda Lindner, Client Services – Direct: 651.219.4792 Email: amanda@besthomecaremn.com

Brittany Steen, Timesheets – Direct: 651.219.4795 Email: brittany@besthomecaremn.com

Maureen Butcher, Intake – Direct: 651.219.4796 Email: maureen@besthomecaremn.com

Olivia Lopez, Payroll – Direct: 651.219.4793 Email: olivia@besthomecaremn.com