Our Culture – How we work

At Best Home Care, we enjoy a unique culture based in the philosophy of people over profits. We enjoy a positive, supportive, and relaxed work environment. Each member of our high-performance team has the motivation and tools to excel in their assigned role, as well as the flexibility and trust to decide how to best serve our clients in any situation.

With great freedom comes great responsibility, and Best Home Care expects a lot of our people. Our employees support our culture when they work to their highest ability, are kind to one another, and serve our clients and caregivers with respect. 

We all share in this responsibility, just as we aim to continuously improve as a company and as individuals to meet the home care challenges of tomorrow. By engaging cutting-edge technology and creating our own solutions to emerging problems, we track and measure our results and improve the quality and efficiency of our work. 

Our Purpose – Why We Exist

We believe in independence, equity, and respect.

The ability of people to live as they want to, independently, in their own homes and in and around their communities is a fundamental right individuals are entitled to. People also have a right to be treated fairly and with respect. 

Best Home Care protects the fundamental right of living independently. We empower our caregivers to help our clients live where and how they want in their own homes and communities. We treat our caregivers fairly, implementing processes and standards that support their rights as both workers and humans. 

Our Mission – What We Do & For Whom

Best Home Care’s mission is to assist our clients so they can live at home and remain independent and to support our caregivers so they can concentrate on providing great care.

Our Values – How We Make Decisions 

Creating a value statement is a good first step, but we believe it is more important to make decisions and hire employees based on a fit with those values. That is why we use values-based decision-making at every level of our organization. 

If the traits listed below describe you and the colleagues you would like to have, Best Home Care could be the place for you.

  • POSITIVITY – We try to be optimistic and create a positive work environment.
    • We consciously attempt to find the positive side of any situation.
    • We take care of ourselves so we can do our best at work.
    • We treat one another and the people we serve with dignity and respect.
  • TEAMWORK – We collaborate to overcome challenges as a team.
    • We speak kindly to our teammates and do not gossip.
    • We respect the time and personal space of our teammates.
    • We do our share of the work and understand that our individual work affects the team.
    • We support one another.
  • ADAPTABILITY – We adjust to new situations and develop creative solutions to problems.
    • We make wise decisions despite ambiguity.
    • We come up with creative solutions to problems.
    • We think outside the box to create discover new ways to face challenges.
    • We know when to be flexible with the rules.
    • We embrace change.
  • INTEGRITY – We act with Integrity in everything we do.
    • We admit to our mistakes. 
    • We treat everyone with respect, even when we disagree.
    • We do what is right, even when no one is looking.
  • GROWTH – We cultivate expansion and development.
    • We look for and embrace opportunities for self improvement.
    • We are always thinking about how we can improve our services and our company.
  • EXCELLENCE – We do our best and go the extra mile.
    • We work to the best of our individual abilities.
    • We do more than is required or expected.
    • We strive to exceed expectations at every level.