Can Paid Caregivers Work Overtime?

September 13, 2019By BestHomeCareSenior Home Care

Home care services are some of the fastest growing industries in the country, yet home caregiving is currently one of the most understaffed jobs of 2019. For those who are looking to explore the possibilities of pursuing a career as a home caregiver (also known as a personal care assistant), now is the perfect time. … Read More

How Much Do Personal Care Assistants Make?

September 6, 2019By BestHomeCareSenior Home Care

Considering a career in homecare services? There are many amazing benefits available to personal care assistants at Best Home Care, including flexible hours, PTO, holiday pay, and more. If you’re an individual taking care of a family member, you’ll also benefit from the added sense of security that comes from knowing your loved one’s health … Read More

How to Keep Track of Your Best Home Care Timesheet

August 30, 2019By BestHomeCareBlog

Thanks to Best Home Care, working as a home caregiver is simpler than ever before. In addition to providing links to online training and exams to become a home caregiver, Best Home Care offers tips and training videos on our website and in our weekly blog posts. This week we’d like to provide you with … Read More

What Is a Home Care Service Plan?

August 16, 2019By BestHomeCareAdult Home Care

Receiving your home care service plan is required by law before you can begin at-home care. A service plan is a documented agreement between your homecare provider, your caregiver, and you. It includes important details pertaining to the hours of homecare services your caregiver can provide you; the type of homecare services you need (according … Read More

Can I Become A PCA if I Have a Disability?

August 9, 2019By BestHomeCareSenior Home Care

If you’re curious about pursuing a career in the homecare industry, you may have questions regarding your eligibility for becoming a Personal Care Assistant (PCA). Homecare services for individuals living with a disability is available in the state of Minnesota. But what if you’re living with a disability and your loved one is in need … Read More

Can a Wife Get Paid to Take Care of Her Husband in Minnesota?

July 26, 2019By BestHomeCareBlog

Coming to the realization that your husband is unable to care for himself is difficult. Aside from the emotional turmoil this situation creates, there’s also the added stress and personal guilt of having to find another living arrangement to ensure your loved one receives the care he needs. While some may decide to move their … Read More

What’s the Difference Between a CNA and a PCA?

July 19, 2019By BestHomeCareBlog

If you’re curious about pursuing a career in homecare services, you might find yourself asking: “What type of caregiver should I be?” You may already know that PCA stands for personal care assistant, but what about CNA? And what really is the difference between the two positions? Best Home Care is here to help you … Read More

How Many Hours Can a PCA Work in Minnesota?

July 19, 2019By BestHomeCareBlog

Starting work as a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) is an exciting, but at times, confusing process, especially without help from an experienced homecare agency. You may have many questions about when you can start work as a PCA, how much you can earn, and how many hours you can work each week. In this post, … Read More