Arts and Crafts with seniors and caregivers

Best Home Care believes that there is more to quality homecare services then just the basics. Home nurses, personal care assistants, and home caregivers often serve as a companion for those in need of home healthcare. That is why we thought it would be fun to list a few simple yet exciting craft ideas that caregivers can incorporate into their daily activities with clients.

Below are some of our favorites craft ideas!

Photo Organization—Many seniors have numerous photos from special moments in their lives. Gathering these photos together and putting them into frames, photo albums, or even using these photos for creative scrapbooking or making a collage can be a fun and simple activity to do together.

Painting—Sometimes painting can be a bit messy but using simple watercolors or even some acrylic paints can be a relaxing project to enjoy together. Plus, you can frame your paintings for wall decorations!
Make Gift Baskets—This is always an enjoyable activity that results in a nice gift for a friend or family member. For this activity, the caregiver can pick up some delicious fruit and candies or word puzzles to put into each basket. Another fun idea is to create a basket for kids using some crayons and coloring books.
Mini-Gardening—Another safe and fun activity for seniors is gardening. But rather than dig and plant outside in the yard, try these mini-garden ideas for the home. Pick up some tiny plants to arrange into a small flower pot or order some flowers to create beautiful bouquets together.
Play a Matching Game—Buy a few decks of cards, or even a child’s matching game, and arrange the cards face down. Match the cards to find pairs. For seniors dealing with dementia, this activity can also be done with pictures of family members or favorite places.

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