Finding the best PCA (personal care assistant) for you or your loved one isn’t always an easy process. While Best Home Care works diligently to match the right home caregivers for our clients, we also make the process of filing a complaint about a PCA who is not performing up to standards stress free.

Whether or not you hired your caregiver through our home healthcare agency, here is everything you should know about when and how to file a PCA complaint.

When to File a PCA Complaint

  • Poor Quality Care: If your PCA isn’t meeting the standards of quality care, it may be time to file a complaint. Whether your PCA is not providing the type of support that was determined during your PCA assessment or is acting abusive towards you, you need to file a complaint and be removed from the situation to protect your health and wellness.
  • Not Fully Present or Engaged with You: If your PCA is often distracted or is neglecting your homecare needs by spending too much time on their smartphones, watching television, or spending more time on their own than helping you perform your daily tasks, you deserve to find a new PCA.
  • Late to the Job: PCAs are paid for the homecare services they provide, whether it’s for a loved one in need, a friend, or a client they were hired to help. If your PCA arrives late or leaves early, and you find that you spend most of the time you were allotted a PCA professional by yourself, it’s essential you file a complaint immediately. In addition, if your PCA has been consistently late or fails to show up at all certain days, this is another sign you need to make a complaint.

How to File a PCA Complaint

When you visit the Best Home Care website, you’ll find a link to easily file a formal complaint. You’ll also have access to submit a customer satisfaction survey.

By filling out these forms, we’re able to improve your homecare situation to ensure your needs are addressed, and you’re completely satisfied with the level of support from your PCA.

If your PCA was not hired through Best Home Care, you’ll need to contact the homecare agency through which you receive care.

Another option is to contact the Minnesota Department of Health or Medicare. There’s a section on the Department of Health’s website where you can file a complaint against a specific facility or professional. The Medicare website also has a section for complaint filings, if you’re receiving support through Medicare.

Filing a complaint can be an emotional, and at times, difficult thing to do, especially if you’ve grown close to your PCA or they are a close friend or family member. However, your health and wellness are far more important! To ensure you can enjoy the freedom of living independently and doing the things you love most, it’s essential that you’re receiving the best homecare services possible.

For more on this topic, or if you’re considering switching homecare agencies, contact Best Home Care today, and let us help you find the quality of care you so richly deserve!