Meet Our Team of Home Healthcare Experts!

Since the founding of our Minnesota homecare agency, we strive to provide the highest level of expertise and support to every client, PCA, and family caregiver we meet. Our team brings decades of combined experience in homecare management and administration, allowing us to improve the client-caregiver relationship through digital timesheets, PCA certifications and training, online resources and tutorials, and much more.

At Best Home Care, we’re passionate about the people we serve and work to empower each client and employee through trusted guidance, experience, and support.

Take a moment to get to know our team of home healthcare experts a little better! Have questions? We’d love to help. Contact us today and let us have the privilege of helping you find the best homecare option available!

Andre Best | CEO and Founder | (651) 219-4791

Andre has over 20 years of leadership and management experience and 10 years legal expertise. Andre is passionate about improving the lives of homecare recipients and caregivers by making services easy and convenient, and by providing fair treatment and wages for caregivers. When not working, Andre enjoys reading, listening to music, and practicing Tai Chi.

Amanda Lindner | Client Services Manager | (651) 219-4792

Amanda's journey with Best Home Care started in April, 2010. With over 30 years of office experience, she brings a mix of dedication and compassion to help people obtain the services they need to live comfortably in their homes. The journey goes on as she continues to use the knowledge she's gained to help others.

Tricia Vasquez | Intake Specialist | (651) 219-4794

Tricia joined Best Home Care in 2017 and brings 4+ years homecare experience, as well as a long history of office experience. Prior to working in the homecare industry, Tricia had a career in real estate.

Sarah Dustin | Intake Coordinator | (651) 219-4796

Sarah brings over 10 years of medical experience and advanced customer service skills to our company, including prior experience with homecare, such as CNA, PCA and medical supplies and equipment. When she is not working, she enjoys reading, taking her dog on walks, and spending time with her family and friends.

Brittany Steen | Employee Services Coordinator | (651) 219-4795

Brittany has been with Best Home Care since 2015. Prior to joining Best Home Care, she worked at a technology company and has prior experience in the homecare industry. When not working, she enjoys camping, hiking, and spending time with pets.

Cinnsye Ly | Payroll Coordinator | (651) 219-4895

Cinnsye has 10+ years of healthcare office experience and 7+ years of direct care experience, specifically working with vulnerable adults. Prior to joining Best Home Care, Cinnsye was at the top of his class studying Human Biology with a focus on pre-medicine at Northwestern Health Sciences University. Cinnsye is an avid outdoorsman and public land enthusiast, who enjoys spending time in wild spaces.

Melissa Bardwell | Administrative Assistant | (651) 219-4894

Melissa worked in retail for 6 years and finally found her career at Best Home Care. She enjoys the outdoors by rollerblading, walking her dogs and grilling. She has pet birds, cats and dogs.

Ashley Bojan | Administrative Assistant | (651) 219-4787

Ashley joined Best Home Care in 2019, she brings over 4 years of customer service experience from her time working for one of the biggest, and busiest hotels in downtown Minneapolis. Prior to that, she was a licensed body piercer for 4 years and still appreciates the art of body modification. She enjoys listening to live music, camping, and playing outside with her hula hoops.

Shawn Gigrich | QP Nurse | (612) 991-3346

Shawn has experience working as an RN with 13 years in home care. His LPN practice is from spending time in the medical surgical unit, as well as the cardiac step down unit of care. As a PCA, Shawn has continued his work with the orthopedics unit and within the emergency room. He also has international experience with his travel to Honduras on a medical missions trip through Volunteers in Medical Missions, where he helped set up clinics and assist those in need of support.

Dawn Diatta | QP Nurse | (612) 600-6569

Dawn has been employed with Best Home Care since 2014.In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with family, crochet and reading. She has a BA in Biology and a BS in Computer Science. Dawn has 3 kids and 1 cat.

Wanda Whyte | QP | (651) 417-3222

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